Town of Surfside Florida

The Town of Surfside is a beautiful pedestrian-friendly oceanfront community located in South Florida’s subtropical paradise. Surfside is home to nearly 6,000 residents and has an attractive residential neighborhood featuring multi-family condominium and apartment buildings, and a charming business district, as well as public art, award-winning restaurants, resorts, spas and recreational facilities enjoyed by residents and visitors year-round.

Sustainability and green initiatives are a large focus in Surfside. Town efforts include banning plastic straws and Styrofoam; establishing incentives to promote the use of solar photovoltaic systems for Surfside residents and businesses; implementing the use of solar-powered garbage compaction containers and instituting requirements for environmentally-preferable building practices.

Surfside as a coastal community is vulnerable to sea level rise and storm surge. For many years the town has dealt the effects of coastal erosion by replenishing the beach. Understanding the important role that their existing dune system plays in stabilizing the sand and protecting the valuable adjacent properties, the town is currently looking for volunteers to preserve and protect the coastal dune system.
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