Institute for Regional Conservation

The Institute for Regional Conservation's (IRC) Restoring the Gold Coast program, is a collaborative initiative to restore the incredible diversity of native plants and animals native to coastal beaches and dunes in southeastern Florida, along the historic Gold Coast from Miami-Dade to Palm Beach County.  

This two-pronged project mobilizes partnerships within the community to teach children and adults about environmental advocacy as they also learn about the importance of protecting our coastal dunes and work toward restoring damage done.

Participants will be provided with rich opportunities to learn how biodiversity keeps our Earth healthy and ultimately keeps us healthy too. In our current phase of the program, participants will enjoy hands-on restoration activities as we help restore native coastal ecosystems in Palm Beach.

Mission Statement

A private non-profit organization, The Institute for Regional Conservation (IRC) is dedicated to the protection, restoration, and long-term management of biodiversity on a regional basis, and to the prevention of regional extinctions of rare plants, animals and ecosystems.
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